About Us

Franerix Solacopy-FRANERIX_logo_smr is a system designer and integrator of Solar systems. Originated close to a decade ago in Ghana.
Franerix Solar has expertise in all types of Solar Solutions. From basic home lighting systems and stand-alone solar street lights to complicated Telecom solutions. Simply because you won’t find another company in Africa, designing custom solar powered systems, just how you want it. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by various home owners, businesses, constructors and electrical companies, we have created innovative and user friendly solar applications that generate more reliable power.

Our Mission

Founded in 2006, Franerix Solar solutions,  provides turnkey distributed energy management and storage systems. Our systems are designed to reduce utility bills for businesses, provide an alternative to generators for backup power, deliver whole-home and whole-room power conditioning, and improve the performance of alternative energy technologies in off-grid and end-of-grid applications . Franerix™ provides you with systematic service and follow up by our committed installation, maintenance & service team. In addition to all that, we have  our own range of solar mounting hardware- poles for streetlights and mounting frames to hold all solar arrays of any size & make, be it ground or roof mounts.  .For off-grid applications, Franerix™ incorporates state of the art  Photovoltaic and Wind turbine technology.

Our Vision

Franerix strives to be the leader in providing high quality distributed electrical storage systems that improve the efficiency of energy distribution and reduce overall monetary and environmental costs for our customers.