Franerix™ is dedicated to the design of extremely high quality projects, innovation and customer care are our guiding principles. The need to face ever growing demand of complete renewable energy projects has led to the creation of Franerix™ energy solutions company”. Franerix™ combines the highly technology with the high-level professionalism by which we satisfy the customers’ needs. Franerix™ Energy Solutions Is a company that works as a contractor, supplier, marketing, representation and regional office.

Solar System packages

solarpackCheck out Complete Solar Systems we install for homes and businesses. Packages range from 600W systems all the way to 10KVA systems. Read More…

Power Backup Packages

powerbackupDo you a reliable power backup system? Then try Power Backup(Inverter) Packages. Battery banks of these packages can provide power for over 12hours. View Packages…

Solar panels

panels2It’s very important when selecting the best solar panels to use for your solar power system installation to bear in mind a few crucial factors aside from the price tag. View our Solar Panels

Deep Cycle Batteries

battery1View our Deep cycle batteries catalogue.


invtrrView our Inverter catalogue and offers.

LED Lighting

led20View our LED Lighting solutions catalogue.

Solar Charge Controllers

controllerView Solar Charge Controllers catalogue.


avrView our AVR catalogue and offers.

Solar Water Heater

water heaterView our Solar water heater catalogue and offers.